Thursday, May 7, 2009

Ben Wiseman/Rodrigo Corral Design: Pygmy

Awesome cover for Palahniuk's new novel about "an unlikely terrorist cell: foreign-exchange students who arrive at a midwestern city, bent on unleashing Operation Havoc." The image of the toy soldier brandishing his own disembodied arm as it clutches Mao's Red Book is hilarious. Originally, this cover was to have no title or author, just the illustration, like Palahniuk's Rant. Custom type and illustrations by Ben Wiseman. Check out his website:

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Chin-Yee Lai, Yentus & Booher: The Wishmaker

A gorgeous hand-lettered cover. Printed on matte paper with foil ornaments and embossed, spot gloss type.
"The turbulence of contemporary Pakistani politics is refracted through the intimate prism of a fractious extended family" in this novel, which takes place between early 90s and post-9/11 Lahore. New from Riverhead.