Thursday, August 21, 2008

Barbara de Wilde: Love Today

A collection of 27 short stories about love in the 21st century by a popular German writer. It's nice to see the word "Love" treated in a new iconic way. The "O" that's missing is located on the back cover - and contains all the back cover text. I am reminded of two other type-driven designs:

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Darren Haggar? / Gray318: The Chess Machine

Top is the new paperback, bottom is Gray318's hardcover. I absolutely love the transformation. It reminds me of how movie posters start with what is called a "tease" where they release a poster for the film way in advance, that is generally abstract - like the very first graphic posters for The Spirit. Then as the drop date gets closer, they release "the payoff" which usually has the actors' faces. I think the payoff cover here is lovely - wish I knew who painted it. I'm assuming the paperback is Darren Haggar but I will find out for certain.

The book is about a midget who hides inside a machine that plays chess and always wins. It takes place in 1770 Europe. I believe the image is alluding to a masquerade taking place - nobody knows the secret of the machine!!!!!! And it's based on actual events.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Darren Haggar: House of Thieves

A collection of stories set in the author's home, the islands of Hawaii, where the characters "experience together the loneliness of feeling miserable in paradise". Photo by Greg Vaughn.