Friday, March 26, 2010

Dan Funderburgh/Gray318: Legend of a Suicide

Printed on gritty matte. The type is by Gray318, and the illustration is by Dan Funderburgh. Check out the tiny guns inside the fish! The book includes five stories and a novella, all revolving around a boy's perspective of his father - who shoots himself on the deck of his fishing boat in Alaska.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Ben Wiseman/Rodrigo Corral/Steven Attardo: Tell-All

Coming out May 4 from Doubleday. Ben Wiseman designed the cover and lettering under Rodrigo's art direction. Steven Attardo then created the collage which was turned into a varnish that will be printed on top of the jacket. The book, "...written in a style meant to evoke the boldface breathlessness of celebrity scandal sheets" tells the story of an aging Golden-Age Hollywood star, her affair with an younger man, and her maid's "increasingly desperate attempts to manage her mistress’ life." The type comically evokes the lettering on old movie marquees, and the cover makes a great follow-up to Palahniuk's last novel, Pygmy, also designed/art directed by Ben and Rodrigo.