Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Jaws V - Rose Garden of Death

Thanks to the hot chicks at Gofugyourself.com for this lovely morsel.

Monday, November 5, 2007

The Best Band Ever!!!

OMG, Midlake.

New Gray318!!!

OMG! I nearly fainted when I saw this in the bookstore. Little foil dots all over! I wanted to make love to it right then and there. Or at least run my tongue all over its luscious goodness. Click on it for the full effect.

Amazon says:
"From Booklist
Four close girlfriends from upper-class Saudi families attend university and medical school in Riyadh and in Chicago and San Francisco. They talk in chat rooms, IM on their mobiles to their boyfriends and each other. But even with all the hip technology, they cannot escape deep-seated oppressive traditions after they return to Riyadh. Sadeem's fiancĂ© dumps her after she has sex with him. Gamrah's husband divorces her after she discovers he is having an affair. Michelle and Faisal adore each other, but he gives her up when his family says so. The Religious Police arrest one couple in a coffee bar. But most families don't need official help to interfere in women's lives. Translated from the Arabic, this debut novel was immediately banned in Saudi Arabia. The 25-year-old Saudi writer (now studying in Chicago but planning to return home) tells it from the inside, complete with the contradictions and betrayals that define daily lfe. The Sex and the City–type drama is fast, wry, witty, and anguished. And so are the politics: "He appreciates her independence. But can't find his." Rochman, Hazel"

Hide Your Children

James Beard is here, and he's hungry. Very hungry.

Sunday, November 4, 2007

The Book We'll ALL Be Reading

First of all, Lance has scruff. Second, He's got some chest hair peaking out. This is not a boy. This is a MAN. And what a great touch - a screaming throng of concertgoers in his shades. Plus that undeniably Sex and the City title treatment. I am NOT leaving the house until I've read this at LEAST three mo' times.

OMG, Tom Ford!

Wow Tom Ford.......Wow. I love giving candid interviews and then asking the magazine to candidly photoshop me a new ass crack. After careful study, I would bet my pinkie toe that Mr. Ford's actual crack ends where the arrow indicates. The remaining yard of crack seems to be entirely fictional. Note the model on the right's rather imperfect crack - MORE proof! Please feel free to click on the images to get the full Tom Ford Experience.

And here is Mr. Ford's new fragrance ad, also garnishing the pages of OUT Magazine:

Oh yes. I kid you not. At least he had the foresight to put the scent flap on the thigh, leaving room for creativity in his next ad.

Thank GOD to the slow checkout line at Whole Foodz!

Do the D.A.N.C.E

This video is SO last April, but it's pretty awesome! Click and enjoy.