Sunday, December 14, 2008

Broadway Melodie of 2008: Part Un

Yes, I'm a theater fag. I've been listening to a lot of Playbill Radio lately, and one thing lead to another, and before long I was looking back at my years of theaterfandom, much of which was due largely to the amazing posters of yesteryear. There is certainly some good work being done in the field nowadays, mostly by SpotCo, who created the posters for Rent, Chicago and Avenue Q. But for me, there is an iconic quality to this old stuff that rocks my pants.

Nine: 1982, The Rink: 1982, How to Succeed (How awesome is it that they shortened it to H2S) 1994, Anything Goes (revival with Patti LuPone - poster by the amazing illustrator James McMullen) 1988, Dreamgirlz - original cast 1982, And the best poster ever, A Chorus Line: 1975!! More great posters to come.