Thursday, July 17, 2008

Greg Mollica & Shout: City of Thieves

During WWII in Russia, A teenager and a army deserter who've commited small crimes face execution. They are spared at the last minute by an army captain on the condition that they obtain 12 eggs for his daugher's wedding cake. Thus they set on a perilous adventure. This covers is structured beautifully - the huge type is actually rather thin in weight, which keeps it from heavy-ing up the top area. It also contrasts well with the solid expanse of snow - the snow is actually a vast white space, and yet it immediately attains a thick texture when contrasted with the thin type above.

But wait! There's a pleasant surprise inside the flap too. This guy gets my vote for hottest author of the year.

And here he is with his wife, actress Amanda Peet:

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Mark Melnick: Twisted Head

The family in this memoir runs "Cappi's Pizza and Sangwheech Shoppe, whose motto was "We Don't Spel Good, Just Cook Nice."" Perfect cover. Actually, I'm really in the mood for some peppers, anchovies and mushrooms now. And I just had a peanut butter sandwich. Am I pregnant?

Monday, July 14, 2008

The Ten Most Beautiful Experiments

The spine is a spectrum! The book recounts "ten historic experiments whose elegant simplicity revealed key features of our bodies and our world." I wish I could say what the apparatus on the cover is...does anyone know? Included are chapters on Galileo, Newton, and Pavlov and his dogs. From Knopf - designer name to come.