Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Ben Gibson: Mine All Mine

Ben Gibson is a super-talented designer/illustrator. Check out his work here:
This book sounds like a hoot. A top-notch security guard is flustered after invaluable works of art are stolen by a master thief right under his nose. He sets out to capture the thief. In a funny twist, the security guard is addicted to taking small doses of poison in pill form in order to develop an immunity.

And, incidentally, check out the blurb at the bottom of the's by David Benioff!!!!! The hottest author of the year (check out City of Thieves a few posts ago). And guess what?? He just made another public appearance with his wife, actress Amanda Peet, at the LA premiere of Pineapple Express. Don't they look related?

Archie Ferguson: Thrumpton Hall

Ornate wonderland. This is the memoir of a woman who grew up in a fabulously gorgeous house in England, and of her capricious father, who "in his golden years, took to wearing black leather and riding powerful motorbikes around the countryside in the company of a young male friend." From Harper Collins.

Monday, August 4, 2008

Doubt Poster

Surprisingly spare treatment for a teaser poster. I like it, but I'm cocking my eyebrow at the redundant church on top of the cross. Like, maybe putting something that contrasts with the Church would have been more interesting. The little window is cool, though. Still, clean and pretty.