Thursday, May 28, 2009

Helen Yentus: Peace and The Pesthouse

Two gorgeous covers with amazing photos from Magnum and Gallerystock. Both matte, Peace is gritty. And the title in The Pesthouse is embossed. Feel it. Both books are pretty dark. Peace is a short novel about a group of soldiers marching through a wintry Italian hillside, weary of constant sniper danger and questioning their sargeant's recent murder of a woman on the road. The Pesthouse is a novel set in a future America, where civilization has deteriorated and people attempt to trek out east to catch ships going to Europe while avoiding bandits and slave traders.


hy said...

Hey, thanks for calling me out on basically designing the same cover twice. What can I say, sometimes it just has to be a photo with centered type. This is a good reminder to not do that this list. Thanks!

Tal said...

OMG, I srsly love these covers. I bought these books and they are proudly displayed on my shelf. As far as I'm concerned you can make a whole series and I'll gobble them all up.