Thursday, February 21, 2008

Gray 318: The Lodger Shakespeare

I love the image and font choice on this one - it totally reminds me of the rickety drawings in the shakespeare books I read in high school. It's like a 60s English look that I suppose borrows from the 1600s. I'm a little unsure about the letters being so tight inside the boxes, but as a whole, this cover stands out and looks entirely different than the others around it.

The book " the physical and cultural circumstances of the two-year period of 1603–1605 when Shakespeare, around 40 and at the peak of his profession, was a lodger in the home of a sexually lax Huguenot family who provided raw material for All's Well That Ends Well and other works" (Amazon)

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Roger said...

Is this an early version? My copy has the house in white and a dark navy background—it stands out more, but can't decide which I like better.