Sunday, November 8, 2009

Rob Grom: John Dies @ the End

A wonderful treat came upon me at the bookstore last week, when I saw this book brazenly staring at me from across the room. WTF, I asked myself. Then I picked it up and turned it over. SCORE!! Here is designer Rob Grom's description of how it came to be:

"This is one of my personal favorites. This project was given to me as a rush assignment, so I knew very little about the was described to me as an Evil Dead/Matrix/Big Lebowski type story. The cover is just a blatant interpretation of the
title, John Dies at the End, but the real pay off is the back cover...Finally, some real gore for once! Geoff Spear photographed and retouched the image beautifully. I kind of felt a bad for the hand/arm model, but it was well worth it : )"


Catherine said...

WOW! When I saw the front cover, I thought it was great, but the back made me love it. What a surprise! Everything is considered and the package is fantastic as a result. Nice work, Rob!

H3NR7 said...

Every element from front to back is treated with such looseness and inventive fun. Great job Rob!!!

Jacob Covey said...

I don't love it for myself but I do love seeing something genuinely different.