Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Jaya Miceli: Short Girls

The story of two Vietnamese-American sisters visiting their father, an "...enthusiastic inventor of devices to improve the lives of short people." Jaya says: "...they were having trouble with the repackage.....went many rounds in many directions. Deadline was upon me and I found this image that simply reiterated the meaning in the title." I find this image to be hilarious and perfect. (Penguin, Summer 2010)


Anonymous said...

Love the teal tights with ruby red shoes (who wears that?!). And they're perfect against the black background.
The hardcover was completely different!

Courtney Baker said...

I'd probably wear teal tights with Ruby Red shoes! :) No, seriously, the photo is great for this cover!

Anonymous said...

short people are the best sweetie -_-