Thursday, October 30, 2008

Susan Mitchell: Sea of Poppies

Beautiful cover printed on super-dooper matte watercolor-paper-y paper. I love that the poppies have assumed this watery quality - they look like underwater plants or tentacles. The font is gorgeous. The book is about a ship called the Ibis, that is sailing from India to fight in the Opium Wars. It's an epic reflection on Asia in the mid 1800s and is supposed to be amazingly well-written.

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Ian Koviak said...

the advanced reader copy was slightly different and more attractive, using the blue as the main cover color. I think it also had gold foil dots delicately surrounding the lettering...

I love this cover though. Very noticeable.

I came out of the BEA with 3 bags full of advanced reader copies. Still have not red this one, but it has caught my eye on our shelf many times since it's been up there.