Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Peter Mendelsund: A Quiet Adjustment

From Alibris: "Inspired by the actual biography of Lord Byron, Markovits reimagines Byron's marriage to the capable, intellectual, and tormented Annabella and the scandal that broke open their lives: Byron's incestuous relationship with his impetuous half-sister, Gus."

The cover looks great - the frame is metallic I think. I'm thrilled that we're moving past the olde paper look. The cover looks like an off-kilter broach. The back cover is the back of the broach, with the type at an angle. And the spine is gorgeous - there's a small oval with the face in it and lots of concentric dotted circles expanding from it.


Gould said...

Peter has a great blog too :

Ian Koviak said...

absolutely wonderful. I like the carry-through of the design you describe...