Friday, May 30, 2008

Manuel Puig

Kiss of the Spider Woman is from Vintage. Pubis Angelical is from University of Minnesota Press. Two very different approaches, but both gorgeous.

Kiss is about the relationship of two prisoners who share a cell - one is a straight revolutionary and the other a cross-dressing gay man who lives in his cinematic dreams.

from Amazon: "In Pubis Angelical he interweaves three stories, the first about a beautiful Viennese actress held captive in a mysterious marriage to a World War II munitions maker. The second and most interesting story, since it encompasses a history of Peronism, concerns an Argentinian refugee, dying in a Mexico City hospital, and her conversations with an old friend and an old lover. The third narrative is a futuristic spy thriller about a secret agent called W218. The implication is that one of the three women is real, the others fantasies or projections."

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jennifer said...

oh! that second cover is amazing. the eyes are so creepy and the tense mouth is interesting too. i love this.