Friday, December 31, 2010

Keith Hayes, Jason Heuer, Gabriele Wilson, Peter Mendelsund

Saw these in the store this week and loved'em. There's a new series of paperback re-issues of John Fowles novels. The collage for French Lieutenant's Woman is by Eduardo Recife. Ann Beattie is printed on soft touch with deep deboss on the type and ornaments and a super awesome red spot color. Happy Nude Year, everybody!


Frances said...

Love the Fowles. Who is publishing and where?

Tal said...

It's in the US...Back Bay Books is the publisher.

Gould said...

Mendelsund's book design itself is as brilliant as the jacket's. Just look beneath.

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ouestladiscotheque said...

I love Eduardo Recife, this Fowles cover is no exception. Thanks for sharing all these beautiful covers.

Awesome Somuch said...

Ok thanks, I just would like to know who is the publisher of that one in U.S area maybe? buy twitter retweets

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