Friday, May 7, 2010

Gray318 and Keenan: The Lonely Polygamist and Die Radleys

Two wonderful covers shown on Wednesday's AIGA Small Talks starring Jonathan Gray and Jamie Keenan. The Lonely Polygamist is about a polygamist Mormon with four wives and 28 children who becomes increasingly isolated from his massive family. Die Radleys is the German edition of a novel about a family of vampires, published in the UK as The Radleys, and coming to the US in December.


Mark said...

I'm struggling with the teacup. I realize it's a vampire story, but that really looks more like tomato soup. May be just my monitor though?

gracesix said...

You went to that AIGA event too?

Jonathan said...

Yep it's definitely Heinz Tomato Soup in that tea cup.

Stuart Bache said...

I managed to see their talk in the UK a few weeks ago at the British Library.

Their presentation was funny, entertaining and really informative. They are two of the most influential cover designers in the world.

Great post BCA (as are all your posts).