Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Unknown Designer: Metropole

This one really snuck in on me during an Amazon search. Originally published in Hungary in the 1970s, it seems to be little known in the US. In addition to the cover being fantastic, the plot does too, especially after watching last night's Lost:

From an Amazon review: "Metropole depicts a waking nightmare. A Hungarian linguist named Budai boards a plane to travel to a linguistics conference in Helskinki. He falls asleep in flight and wakes up when the passengers are deplaned in a strange city. Not Helsinki. The passengers are taken to a hotel where the protagonist, depite knowing ten languages, cannot make any sense of the spoken or written language. Nor can he find anyone who speaks any of the languages he does. They don't use Roman letters but luckily they use Arabic numerals. At the registration desk they take his passport, and they can't understand a word he says when he asks for it back. Budai is given a room and some local currency in exchange for what cash he has and the story begins."


Will said...

I keep meaning to read this one. He's the son of the guy who named my blog! (Frigyes Karinthy, A Journey Round My Skull)

Indeed a great cover.

Tal said...

Sweet! Great blog, Will.

Eeleen Lee said...

intriguing cover!