Friday, January 8, 2010

Krazy Science!!!!

There's some great stuff going on here - I love the way the title looks in script and the shattered glass works well with it. The author, whose previous book was about the Iraq War, discovers "worldwide criminal operations" in butterfly poaching and smuggling (in which driving species to near extinction is a standard practice for pushing up specimen prices). There is also amazing information about metamorphosis: what goes on in the chrysalis, in which every cell of the caterpillar's body liquefies before reconstituting into a butterfly, might as well be magic.

And let's not forget about Wicked Plants! This cover was highly acclaimed last year, so you may have seen it before:

It’s an A to Z of plants that kill, maim, intoxicate, and otherwise offend. A tree that sheds poison daggers; a glistening red seed that stops the heart; a shrub that causes paralysis; a vine that strangles; and a leaf that triggered a war. In Wicked Plants, Stewart takes on over two hundred of Mother Nature’s most appalling creations. (text adapted from product descriptions)

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Anonymous said...

Ooooh! I adore Wicked Plants. And not only the cover. The book design, inside and out is absolutely wonderful. When I first saw it, I wanted to post it to my blog - but it wasn't exactly within my parameters.
Love the other one, too. Hadn't seen that.