Friday, January 22, 2010

Gray318: Free Agent Paperback

Like, OMG! Drop date June 2010. Here's the plot summary from the creator of Rambo, David Morrell:
"Because the fine points of the "spy game" took place during the Cold War, Duns’s cleverly sets Free Agent in that period, specifically 1969, when British Prime Minister, Harold Wilson, visited Nigeria during its harrowing civil war. East and West governments vied for control of the region. Espionage schemes were rampant. The main thrust of Duns' novel is an assassination plot against the prime minister, so if you're an action fan, you'll find plenty to your liking, but for my money, it's the true espionage details that kept me turning the pages of this remarkable novel."


Ian Koviak said...

can't beat that. every inch used effectively. never get tired of well executed 3d type... nice find.

Jason Gabbert said...

This cover is beautiful!!!

Anonymous said...

It's "Heyday," not "heday."