Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Oliver Munday: The Last Skin

Three beautiful covers for a poetry book, with the final cover at the bottom. Here is a bit of back story from Oliver:

"I worked with Maggie Payette (Penguin's poetry series AD) on this cover. She told me upfront that the author had a piece of art that she wanted to use on the cover, but that I could try some ideas based on my interpretation of the poetry anyway. The poetry dealt with the ideas of death, beauty, fragility, time and loss. I chose to try and cover all of these themes and visually summarize them by using the idea of a flower shedding its petals, or skin as I interpreted it.

The next cover idea came directly from a poem. There was an image of a jar from the poet's past in one of the works, which really stuck out to me. I thought it was an interesting metaphor for dealing with memories/keeping them safe and also their fragility.

The cover chosen was the one with the piece of art that the author chose. But, I was happy to have the comps in the old 'folio.

Both covers were shot by Ramell Ross: ramellross.com

And Check out more of Oliver's amazing work at: olivermunday.com


Stubbs said...

Couldn't find somewhere to post a general blog comment but I've just discovered you guys and am loving it--not a designer at all, but used to work in publishing and have always loved design, book covers specifically. This site is just delicious to me. Thanks and please keep it up.

Tal said...

Thanks, Stubbs!