Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Alain de Botton

Two books of essays published by Vintage. Their simple beauty speaks for itself. I love the way the cloud is framed in Art of Travel, with a man-made cloud-like ornament superimposed on the natural cloud. Designer names to come.


Ian Koviak said...

these are beautiful. very meditative.

Hey, I wanted to run by you 2 covers i came across at Powells:




Tal said...

cool covers, Ian. I wonder who designed them. I have to say, the second one reminds me of a Gregg Kulick.

Ian Koviak said...

first is by roberto de vique

Unknown said...

I like the first, the photo has a wonderfully mysterious quality; the second, though pretty, seems generic.

Marcus said...

I much prefer the uk covers you can see some here: