Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Barbara de Wilde: Atlas of Unknowns

Great cover printed on uncoated paper. Looks really awesome in the window of a dark bookstore at night with a light shining on it - the dimpled paper looks cool. The wing on the right has a map of Queens, NY, while the left wing shows a map of Kerala, India. This is the story of two sisters from Kerala, one of whom emigrates to NY by passing off her sister's paintings as her own in order to get a scholarship. When her deceit is discovered, she disappears to Queens and her sister leaves Kerala to search for her. I'm not sure if the bottom pattern is supposed to evoke bindi, but it seems like the strand that is reaching for the author's name symbolizes "the hunger for independence and the longing for home; the need to preserve the past and the yearning to break away from it." (excerpt from the product description) Thanks, Ian, for the headz up.

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Unknown said...

This is so beautiful! makes me want to read the book :-)