Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Chris Brand: Rennie Airth

Chris Brand re-brands these mystery novels set in and between the great wars. I love the font, which was created by Chris, as well as the coloration of the images. And there are nifty spot-gloss scratches, dots and lines on top of everything.


Ian Koviak said...

the photo colorization is wonderful and provides good contrast to the type.

I'm not crazy about the font. It seems computerie (not a word, I know). But it is different and compliments the photo treatment.

The print finishes you describe seem very fun. We did a book cover for a youth novel once and had the rain drops varnished in the image. Things like that always stay cool. It ads a further tactile dimension.

Tal said...

I think the story goes that the font was all created after Chris found that letter R somewhere.

Ian Koviak said...

It's a beautiful face.

cat said...

I'd love to see these in person. I do love the R's