Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Rodrigo Corral/Tracy Morford: Sag Harbor

Great photo and type. In 1985, A 15-year old African-American Manhattan prep-shool kid comes of age during his yearly summer vacation in Long Island's Sag Harbor. The photo was taken on-site by a great photographer who's been collaborating with RCD, Tracy Morford:

The finish is surprisingly gloss. And the title is embossed.


Ian Koviak said...

oh, gloss, eh? Fuck, that's gonna look dated in a few months. Great photo and great type though. Agree. You seen that latest cover by Barbara De Wilde? Has a butterfly on it with some maps in the winds. really nice. Not sure of the title, but I'm sure you've noticed it in the stores.

Tal said...

OMG, I have not! I'll have to go back and look for it. Thanks for the headz up.

Ian Koviak said...

It's called the Atlas of the Unknowns.

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