Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Alison Forner: The Bomb

Bunny Forner kicks some major butt with this totally unexpected atom bomb book cover. Written by a former weapons designer at Los Alamos, the book "reveals how weapons work, the myths and realities of what happens after a nuclear explosion, and how our nuclear policy evolved to what it is today." New from Ecco. I would love to know what the finish is and what informed Bunny's design decisions. Bunnz?


Anonymous said...

Thank you for posting this (and for using my beloved nickname...)! We decided on gloss lam because the swirls overprint in a metallic silver and the background black is a mixed metallic ink. As far as the design goes, our publisher wanted something simple and mostly black. I originally intended to make this type only, but thought it lacked something once it was finished. I didn't want to resort to the usual bomb imagery so I created this vector mushroom cloud to tie it all together. Glad you like!

Tal said...

You're kiddin, Bunnz! I thought the image was a mathematical rendering of a mushroom cloud. I had no idea you made it - it looks so mathematical and physics-related. I love it even more.

jennifer said...

wow. i'm finally back to full-time web-surfing, and catching up on your archives. this is gorgeous bunnz!