Friday, October 3, 2008

Charlotte Strick: The Secret Life of Words

A book about the origins of English, which it turns out, has absorbed words from over 350 different languages, including the word "shampoo" from Hindi.

Thank God, Allah, Jesus, The Holy Spirit, and Zeus, among others for this cover. I really love it. It looks awesome in the bookstore - check it. And it serves as a puzzle with solution on the back flap. And I love the font choice. Go Charlotte!


David A. Gee said...

Very nice. I've read so many books on this subject but, I now must go get this one for sure.

Ian Koviak said...

It's funny, because this, as a concept, must have been used a billion times, but with that lettering it looks really original.

nate s. said...

Looks great! Nice execution.