Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Jason Booher: The Gone-Away World

A post-apocalyptic novel that takes place in the near future, after "Go Away bombs have erased entire sections of reality from the face of the Earth. A nameless soldier and his heroic best friend witness firsthand the unimaginable aftermath outside the Livable Zone, finding that the world has unraveled and is home to an assortment of nightmarish mutations." The storytelling in non-linear and genre-bending, and the author is the son of John le Carré.

The production on this is mind-blowing. All the pink is made of microsuede, and the green is a super-glossy, almost plastic deboss. The spine is made of the green plastic material with the title written out in suede. It's awesome!! I like the way the faded-back title on the cover interacts with the more solid author's name to evoke the idea in the story of something disappearing.


GH said...

Designed by Jason Booher.

Ian Koviak said...

how very perfect. I have seen this kind of stuff done, but this is very appropriate for the title. Great colors to make it fly off the shelf.