Friday, August 15, 2008

Evan Gaffney: Treason by the Book

Absolutely beautiful cover, an AIGA 50 books/50 covers winner. The triple typeface combination coupled with the Chinese characters is awesome. Here's the synopsis from PW:
"In 1728, Emperor Yongzheng of China received a message from a distant subordinate advising that treason, in the form of a letter denouncing his regime, was abroad in the land. This new book by Yale scholar Spence (The Death of Woman Wang; The Search for Modern China; etc.) traces the intricate and surprising consequences of that disclosure."


Ian Koviak said...

Gaffney a solid talent. What a delightful cover. It has these Chip Kiddish typographic overtones. And I've seen American newspapers and folded papers done ad nauseam, but a Chinese newspapers (if that is what it is) and that hard, strong fold—really sets a tone for the piece and sets it apart for that matter.

Tal said...

I do love those thick/thin lines above and below the title - they are perfect and out of the ordinary.