Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Archie Ferguson: Thrumpton Hall

Ornate wonderland. This is the memoir of a woman who grew up in a fabulously gorgeous house in England, and of her capricious father, who "in his golden years, took to wearing black leather and riding powerful motorbikes around the countryside in the company of a young male friend." From Harper Collins.


Ian Koviak said...
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Tal said...

Archie's been doing some amazing work at Harper Collins. I agree that this is ornate overload, but I love it. When you see it in the bookstore, you WILL have to pick it up - the very nature of the ornate insanity commands you to pick it up. Everything else around it looks naked.

Unknown said...

I'm putting together an exhibition of work by SVA alumni and want to get in touch with Archie - does anyone have contact info. for him or can you have him email me at thanks

miranda seymour said...

I'm the author of Thrumpton Hall and thankyou Archie for doing the most beautiful work. I'm so proud of the jacket you created that I put the book out for everybody to admire as soon as they walk through Thrumpton Hall's front doo - and they all DO admire it!
Thank you so much
Miranda S