Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Mark Melnick: Twisted Head

The family in this memoir runs "Cappi's Pizza and Sangwheech Shoppe, whose motto was "We Don't Spel Good, Just Cook Nice."" Perfect cover. Actually, I'm really in the mood for some peppers, anchovies and mushrooms now. And I just had a peanut butter sandwich. Am I pregnant?


Ian Koviak said...

this cover is a winner. I would have played with the title type to mimic a pizza box font a bit more, but overall this is winner with strong elements of tension, balance and asymmetry—all playing nicely to make you notice that you are looking at stacked pizza boxes... Nice.

nate s. said...

A delicious cover, designed by Mark Melnick.

Gould said...

Talk about NY : hilarious vandalized versions of movie poster.