Friday, July 4, 2008

Happy Fourth! The Big Penis Book/Big Book of Breasts

From Taschen come this year's most anticipated catalogs. Truly mesmerizing stuff. And get this. The jacket is actually clear acetate with underwear/bra printed on it, so that when removed, the true glory of the anatomy is revealed. Back cover is the rear view of the man/woman, with acetate underwear theme continued. These on are display at the new Taschen store in SoHo. I have to say, congrats on the flip color choice. Boys usually get blue, and girls usually get pink.


Gould said...

Zapping from behind, penis, breasts... you can tell it's summer :-))

Unknown said...

Dear BCA,
Thanks for posting covers that appeal to the lowest common denominator like myself. Reading, though fundamental, can be challenging so picture books - especially ones featuring the highlights of the anatomy - are worth a thousand words.
If loving nudity is wrong, I don't ever want to be right.
Love, JW

Tal said...

Dear Miss Warner,

If you were a part of my anatomy, you would undoubtedly be the highlight of it.

Thank you,


Ian Koviak said...

great production value on these as usual with Taschen. I wish I could have all of their titles in a little vault that I can visit and spend days in...