Thursday, July 24, 2008

Brian Barth: Still Waters

Really striking cover, especially in person - the goth foliage illustration is really cool, for one - and it's sliced this way and that on the front and back cover. Also, the triangular slices are sometimes glossy, sometimes matte. The foliage and slices are explained in the plot summary (from Pantheon):

When the badly decayed body of an elderly woman is unearthed, Detective Chief Inspector Mark Lapslie and his sergeant, Emma Bradbury, are called in on the case. The body provides only two mysterious clues to the identity of the murderer: someone with a deadly knowledge of household plants used shears to clip the fingertips off the corpse's right hand...

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Ian Koviak said...

it's hard to say anything bad about this cover.

It's refreshing for the genre and it also has some good production value as you describe it.

My only observation is the empty area under the title seems to want to contain the words "a mystery" rather than where they are—stuffed with the image.

Great composition over all—very nice.