Tuesday, June 24, 2008

John Gall? Love and Hydrogen

This is from Vintage so I'm guessing Gall, but will correct later if I'm wrong. Sounds AWESOME (from Booklist):
In the extraordinarily imaginative title story, (Shephard) vividly re-creates the flight of the doomed Hindenburg airship, on which two male crew members conduct a taboo affair. Elsewhere, Shepard enters the minds of The Who's John Entwhistle, the creature of the Black Lagoon, and John Ashcroft.

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Ian Koviak said...

great cover. Looks like a Gall cover, but you never know. I love the colors and strong dynamic visuals this creates without showing the actual airship on fire etc... Very engaging, almost Japanese in it's aesthetics.

It seems like the stuff Gall did (if this his cover) for haruki murakami's novels creeps into some of his other covers. That 50s style illustrative aesthetic. Very eerie.