Thursday, April 24, 2008

Megan Wilson: The Pusuit of Love

The girl in me totally loves this. Looks even prettier in person.

The Mitford sisters were notorious English aristocrats in the years between the world wars. Two were fascists (one was even friends with Hitler) while another two became a muckraking journalist and a social stirist.

"The Radletts of Alconleigh occupy the heights of genteel eccentricity, from terrifying Lord Alconleigh (who, like Mitford's father, used to hunt his children with bloodhounds when foxes were not available), to his gentle wife, Sadie, their wayward daughter Linda, and the other six lively Radlett children. Mitford's wickedly funny prose follows these characters through misguided marriages and dramatic love affairs, as the shadow of World War II begins to close in on their rapidly vanishing world."

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Unknown said...

I love this for many reasons not the least of which is how f-ing amazing her dress is. Also, the temperature in my apartment is hovering somewhere around 32 degrees so "cold climate" feels familiar. She's a bad-ass for rocking such a fly dress whilst feeling chilly.