Monday, April 7, 2008

Alison Forner: The Ghost Soldiers

This was obviously a ton of fun to do, and it looks awesome. Maybe it's the fact that many of the poems deal with the enigma of the current war that explains the fighting men, the soldier, the guns, and the postage-stamp feel of the dotted lines. I love following the birds from the bottom as they turn into micro-organisms and then fly off the top again.

From Ecco: "...[Tate's] seemingly simple and macabre stories are layered with broad and trenchant meaning. His characters are often lost or confused, his settings bizarre, his scenarios brilliantly surreal. Opaque, inscrutable people float through a dreamlike world where nothing is as it seems. "


jennifer said...

yay! has this finally been released??

and tal, i love your new blog--it's great to see more of your work--there are so many beautiful designs there.

Tal said...

Thanks, Jennifer!

Unknown said...

Congrats Al!!! Your work totally blows me away. The cover is GOR-JUS. Just like the two of you. And Mr. Dean Flynn.