Monday, October 29, 2007

Where in the World is Chip Kidd?

Chip Kidd is a commentator on the terrific tribute to Charles Schultz on American Masters. It aired Oct 29, but there are 3 more dates to set your TiVo's to. I never thought Peanuts was so darn SAD! Good Grief! The program does a great job of showing how the comic strip reflected Schultz's life. He moved to California with his wife and four kids, and while Charles was busy writing the strip in his studio, his wife busied herself with creating a virtual Disneyland on their huge property. The kids were left to run around and do as they pleased. Charles was so consumed by writing Peanuts that his marriage took a heavy toll. This is reflected in the strip itself in the countless scenes where Lucy lies against Schroeder's piano and tries to get his attention. Schultz was also obsessed with the film Citizen Kane, and watched it at least forty times.

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