Friday, October 26, 2007

The Gap Makes Me Cry

OK, I know this is old hat, but these gap ads really make me sad. This is from their fall campaign launched a few months ago, but the posters are still up in their stores. Coupled with the new RED campaign they're doing, I don't want to shop, I want to slit my wrists! Or rather, I want to go to the GAP, buy a hooded sweatshirt, and then jump off a building.

Actually, the first thought I had when I saw these was that John Mayer and Legally Blond girl (whatherface??? Serena? Selena? Yolanda?) were sad about the war in Irak. I figgered that was why the campaign was so sad. I mean, do we have a right to show happy rich CAPITALIST SCUM when 90% of the world is starving and/or sewing our clothes, which we throw out every season anyway???? Viva la Revolucion! (sp?)

Seriously folks, we have to do something about this darn planet.

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